जिल्हा पाणी व स्वच्छता मिशन जि. प.लातूर परीक्षासाठी पात्र उमेदवारांची यादी 

 जिल्हा पाणी व स्वच्छता मिशन जि. प.लातूर परीक्षा वेळा पत्रक व आभ्यासक्रम 

 ज़िल्हा परिषद पदोन्नती य़ादी शिक्षण विभाग 13-14  

Zilla Parishad is the crucial organization to accelerate the development of rural area. It plays a very important role in social, economic, political, cultural & educational development of the district. There are 33 Zilla Parishads in Maharashtra.

One of the leading ZPs of Maharashtra is Zilla Parishad, Latur. It was established in 1982. As the main objective of the local bodies is to improve the quality of rural life, Zilla Parishad Latur has been working to fulfill the objective effectively. That is why the state government has honoured it for its best performance.

This Years Zilla Parishad, Latur has determined to achieve the goal of quality rural life through the effective management according to ISO 9001:2000.

Zilla Parishad, Latur includes 58 elected members, 10 Panchayat samitties and their 116 members, 13 Departments and thousands of employees.

Departments of ZP Latur:

        1. General Administration
        2. Village Panchayat
        3. Finance
        4. Primary Education
        5. Secondary Education
        6. Health
        7. Women and Child Welfare
        8. Rural Water Supply
        9. Minor Irrigation
        10. Works
        11. Social Welfare
        12. Agriculture
        13. Animal Husbandry
        14. DRDA

ZPL is also committed to meet challenges of natural calamities like earthquake, flood, draught, outbreaks of various diseases like gastroenteritis, malaria, dengue, chikun gunya, etc.

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