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About Health Department :


District Health Officer is the overall incharge of Health Dept of Zilla Parishad Latur and reports to Chief Executive Officer, Deputy Director Health Services and Directorate (Health Services ) and Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. District Health Officer is also designated as District Registrar of Births and Deaths. 

There are various National Health Programmes /campaigns from central and state govt. to improve the health status of people and to reduce maternal mortality, infant mortality and total fertility rate ultimately leading towards population stabilization with optimum level of public health. There are two sections in this department, one is technical wherein qualified doctors, paramedics are working for planning, implementation, supervision and monitoring of National Health Programs within the district. Second section is Administrative and District Central Store. The Administrative Section deals with various establishment issuses of staff. District Central Store work on getting requirements from sub centers, PHC with regard to medicine, logistics etc and getting funds from Govt., procurement of medicines, equipments required for various programs keeping the stock of these medicine and inventory control are some of the activities performed by these sections. By and large, Health Department works for preventive health care (Primary Health Care), catering services especially in rural area. While curative component is dealt with by Civil Surgeon catering services especially in urban area.

The Asst. Director of Health Services, Leprosy (ADHS, the District Tuberculosis Officer (DTO) ,the District Malaria Officer (DMO) and Junior Scientific Officer, District Public Health Laboratory report to and work under DHO.

The population of rural area as per 2010 census is 18,28, 170 while that of urban area is 628,714 So total population of Latur District is 24, 56, 885. There are 46 Primary Health Center (PHC's) and 252 Sub centers in rural area of Latur District. Each PHC caters to a population of around 30,000 while each sub center caters around 5,000 population in rural area. There are 10 rural hospitals and 2 Sub District Hospitals. The PHC is a focal point in rural area for providing comprehensive Promotive, Preventive & Curative Health services in rural area in a catchment area of approximately 30,000 populations. The PHCs are generally situated in a place which is centrally located with good communication by roads & drainage of nearby villagers for market & other day to day needs. There are 46 PHC's & 252 Sub centers in Latur district.

PHC provides OPD services to patients with minor illnesses, referral services to appropriate level (RH/FRU), Maternal & Child Health Clinic including deliveries, Family Planning Services including abdominal tubectomy, minor surgeries, examination & treatment of medico legal cases & autopsy examination. There are 2 Medical officers, 1/2 LHV & 1/2HA, 1 Pharmacist, 2 ANM's, 1MPW (M),1 driver ,3-4 peons posted at PHC headquarters.

There are 7 Ayurvedic Dispensaries in Latur district at places and there is one Unani dispensary at Panchincholi.

Every PHC has generally 4-8 sub centers situated as satellite centers under jurisdiction of PHC. By & large, one sub centers caters approximately 5,000 rural population. 1ANM , 1 MPW(M) & 1 part time lady attendant are posted at sub centre . The MO- PHC conducts antenatal clinic at sub centre level with the help of ANM & AWW. The ANM through her regular home visits provides ANC/PNC services, contraceptive services, immunisation services to children below 5 yrs & pregnant women at Anganwadi center (AWC). The MPW (M) through his regular home visits do surveillance for Communicable diseases, water quality monitoring & provide contraceptive services. Both of them motivate eligible couples for acceptance of permanent methods of sterilization such as tubectomy & NSV for adoption of small family norm in pursuit of ultimate goal of population stabilization.