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    ---- Temparary Civil List of all cader (Education-primary), Zilla Parishad Laturabc

Primary Education Department:

Education Officer (Primary) is the head of Primary Education Dept., In order to extend to primary education and to provide quality education to all by creating awareness and interest among the pupils of 6 to 14; various programmes are implemented by State Government. Primary Education department Zilla Parishad LATUR works for management of ZP primary schools, ZP high schools & nongovernmental schools. Permissions for new schools, appointments of teachers & other staff are controlled by this dept. Periodical monitoring of schools are made as required & provided grants to them. Planning of budget for various Govt. schemes is also a part of functioning of this department.

All the matters related to the scholarships, entrance exams & other such exams are executed.  Education Officer, Dy. Education Officers/ B.E.O.s* and Extension officers from Primary Education plan and implement various educational programmes for children, Primary schools, Balvadies (Nursery), hostels, Mahatma Phule Education Guarantee Programme centers are regularly monitored and supervised. Administration, commercial and stores are the other sections of the dept. which conduct surveys.  Estimates are prepared for provisions of necessary equipments to ZP schools. Distribution of school material with concession is carried out by this dept. Working as per requirements and getting funds from Govt., provision of goods required for various programmes and keeping the stock of these goods are some of the activities performed by this section.  In general, all schemes and programmes are implemented through active participation of Panchayat Samitees of district. The requirements are received from VEC, different depts. of LATUR ZP, elected representatives as against different laid down programmes.  Implementation plan is prepared and submitted to Govt. After receiving sanction, if goods are to be provided, proper tenders are issued to approve suppliers or goods procured from approved rate contract suppliers.

The administration and commercial section take care of records; keep evaluation data and report to Education Officer-Primary and CEO.

Scrutiny of the beneficiaries is done by this Dept. Primary education dept. in ZP, different school representatives’ help in distributing the benefits to selected beneficiaries. Proper utilization of all benefits is monitored.  The grants are distributed through Panchayat Samitees to beneficiaries. After receiving proper sanction, it is transferred in banks and cheques are issued to beneficiaries. Administration Dept. works for appointments, transfers, promotions, rewards and punishments of teaching and non teaching staff. Salary, Provident Fund & pension of employees of primary education are implemented. Dept also implements Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan programme of central Govt. Primary Education department keep track of every programme and prepare data analysis reports for effective implementation of various schemes.

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